About Us

Fredericksburg Coffee Company is a small batch, craft and artisan coffee roaster. We do not have a coffee shop so we can focus on putting the best possible, freshest coffee beans in a bag for you. Our 20+ years of culinary and wine experience lends itself to our very descriptive and fun tasting notes on our labels. As avid coffee drinkers ourselves, we strive to make and present the same coffees we love and drink at home. We hope you enjoy our offerings as much as we do!

Look for our coffees in several locations in and around Fredericksburg or shop here online. We are proud to be a part of this great community. We are local, living and roasting right here in Fredericksburg.

A very special thank you go out to Drew and Heather Crocker for helping bring this dream to life. Go support Drew at Cartwheel Coffee at the many events around town.